Is the pandemic giving you the ‘hassle headache’? These changes to your tech activities might help you win over it BrandRoom
December 7, 2020 at 1:57 pm

Payment is a vital stage in any customer-merchant interaction as it concludes any transaction and indicates a positive client-customer exchange. Despite the value of payment, enterprises worldwide still mark this step as just another purchaser touchpoint. Over the years, there have been shifts in technology, commencing with online shopping and delivery. The pandemic crisis has driven industries to pivot into cashless transactions, aggravating the need for digital payments using mobile banking and digital wallets over face-to-face transactions. Considered as a crucial step to any transaction in this new normal, the need for a digitally revolutionized payment deals deserve a closer look.

Covid-19 has extremely increased everyone’s need to follow the digital route, and in line with the goal of helping all Filipino consumers and industries expand through e-commerce, PLDT Home promotes digital transactions by way of a cashless payments system. PLDT Home noted how Filipinos’ digital mobility has rapidly expanded, whether brought about by the lockdown or their personal preference. Internet has become the heart of the new normal as activities now revolve around the internet including streaming, downloading, and watching films, social networking, online shopping, ordering food, having online classes, or working from.

Despite the digital breakthrough in transactions, there is still people around the world who are not keen to this new formal financial system. Some are not digitally-savvy and they still find the traditional way of transacting through banks and payment centers easier, paying in cash so they can keep the documents and receipts for security. But cash-based payments, compared to digital payment methods, are typically unsafe, more expensive, inconvenient, and lacks transparency for the government, business, and customers alike.

PLDT Home has several online payment channels you may use for your cashless purchases including PLDT PayExpress Online, Digital wallets (like PayMaya and GCash), and through Internet banking partners (check out PLDT Home also encourages payments using the myPLDT Smart app and the PLDT Home Facebook Messenger.

Here are five reasons to hop in on the digital payment bandwagon:

1. You save costs and get increased efficiency and speed. Did you know that you apparently waste lots of time, money, and effort making and receiving cash transactions? As consumers, we like fast service and normally, paying is our least favorite part of a shopping or dining experience. Well, good news! Digital payments can be made quickly and efficiently, which decreases overall costs, and puts ease in carrying out transactions, especially when made on a daily basis. It’s quicker than queuing up for both ATM withdrawals and at payment centers.

2. It is extremely convenient and accessible. You don’t need to carry cash all the time and you don’t need to be physically present to pay. Because you do all transactions from wherever you are, there’s no need to drive or commute, and line up or wait until your number is called. Going cashless means not having to leave home, and with just a few clicks and less hassle, you’ve paid your transaction. Online payment allows consumers to purchase or buy anything, anytime without geographical restrictions. You can do your transactions any time of the day—while watching TV, reading a book, or working from home.

3. Higher security guarantee. Some people need to personally pay so they can keep their receipts for security reasons. However, digital payment schemes give you more security because they are processed by protected hyper-secure gateway platforms which are hard to tamper with. All data in the app (including your biometrics) is encrypted and no third-party organization will ever know your password, transactions, or payment details. Once online payment is accepted, an instant notification of the transaction makes the customer remain assured of the purchased items. Purchases and details of payment are easily traceable, too, thus avoiding doubt about payment and purchase tracking as it can monitor and maintain digital records of all transactions made. Currently, cash is easier to steal than digital money because the latter could easily be reported, blocked, and secured, in case of theft or cyber-attack.

4. Digital payments offer cashbacks or reward points. A lot of retailers—from restaurants, to fashion brands, drug stores, and even utilities—offer either cashback plans or reward point system as a loyalty gift or incentive. Cashbacks are like discount vouchers they give you a certain amount back off the things you buy. Consumers get points that we can either turn to cash or use any way we want, related to our purchase.

5. You get to spend more time with the people and things you love. Whether paying through mobile banking or digital wallets, online payments offer everyone a sense of well-being and peace of mind. During these difficult, we need to guarantee the safety of our finances. Paying online eliminates our greatest fear of going out and contracting the virus, allowing us to carry out our urgent need to pay through our laptops or mobile phones without having to engage in crowds or face-to-face transactions that could eventually threaten our health and compromise our families. Using online modes of transactions and payments during these trying times go beyond just convenience, it also offers us a calming assurance that it is safer, easier, faster, more convenient, and more rewarding when you stay home and spend time with your loved ones.

It is clear that the future of payments is digital but at present, it is essential. And PLDT Home recommends that online and on time is the smarter, more convenient, and safer way to pay all PLDT bills especially when using their own online payment channels including PLDT PayExpress Online, Digital wallets (such as PayMaya and GCash), and Internet banking partners (, myPLDT Smart app, plus the PLDT Home Facebook Messenger. To fully adhere to digital migration, PLDT bills are now sent to customers’ email and via SMS. Should customers need to update their contact information and other billing concerns, they can just email [email protected] so no bills are missed.

Digital payments have not only changed us. Aside from making payments simpler and more efficient, it has interconnected and revolutionized our economies, especially during this unforeseen crisis. To some extent, it has saved our lives! It has given us renewed hope and has empowered us to carry on and keep moving forward because, indeed, life goes on, online.


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